Car Buying

A passion for latest gadgetry and new cars is inbuilt in a lot of people, and buying a luxurious car is a dream come true for the most.  In fact, it’s safe to say that many people still have this desire to own the latest and greatest car.  It’s a dream to own a fancy car, even a brand new car of that year, or some sports car.  Gone are the days when this was a dream of just men but now even women have been bitten by this bug.  So many of us have this passion for our car.  However, new car buying strategy requires some amount of planning and research.   Before buying a car it is important to check out its reviews from a reliable source, which may be done online too. In fact, a convenient way to purchase a car, other than doing it directly from the brand dealers and showrooms, is to buy it online. Here you can take a look at the invoice and also compare prices in a fast and easy manner.

Again, that’s just fantasy, we who live in the real world have to settle with practicality.  Often times, owning a fancy car isn’t something many of us are going to do.  In fact, the majority of us are willing to live in a life full of contentment whenever possible.  So, buying a newer car may be out of the question buying a new used car isn’t such a bad alternative.  The train of thought that we all tend to have is, “As long as it gets us from point A to point B it’s good enough.”

However, new car buying strategy requires some amount of planning and research.   Before buying a car it is important to check out its reviews from a reliable source, which may be done online too. In fact, a convenient way to purchase a car, other than doing it directly from the brand dealers and showrooms, is to buy it online. Here you can take a look at the invoice and also compare prices in a fast and easy manner.

Before buying a car it is important to check out its reviews from a reliable source, which may be done online too. In fact, a convenient way to purchase a car, other than doing it directly from the brand dealers and showrooms, is to buy it online. Here you can take a look at the invoice and also compare prices in a fast and easy manner.

Car Buying Strategy

Starting out to buy a car online, should be preceded by lots of research not only on the best car to suit your needs, but also on its price. It is also necessary to take a look at the incentives that are offered with most cars, which may give one an added reason to buy a particular model. Used car dealers are often willing to sell their cars at a price lower than the sticker price, so rope in all the research on rebates and incentives at this point. The next step in the new car buying strategy is extremely important as it involves deciding on the make, the model, trim level, options, and color.

This may include giving the car a detailed check and also taking a test drive. It is worthwhile to note that the more flexible one can get on these basics, a wider range and variety opens itself. In case one finds the “car of their dreams” it would be a wise step to take multiple quotations from a number of dealers.

Negotiating for the lowest price possible becomes the next stage in one’s new car buying strategy. Many online salespersons are willing to discuss the price of cars online, which helps save a lot of time and energy. If one feels good about the price decided on, it’s time to take a look at the big picture.

Many buyers focus on the cost of the car and ignore the related expenses. Besides the cost, one will have to pay sales tax and other various fees, which vary from place to place, and the easiest way to do this is to ask the salesperson to send an invoice before one goes to the dealership. The new car buying strategy remains incomplete without insuring the car, so car insurance may form one’s final stride in this direction.

Used Car Dealerships

As stated before, everyone has their dreams of owning something fancy.  The irony is you have people who are car collectors.  Where they want to own classic automobiles.  Those who go classy are usually those from that era, and they are recapturing their youth.  Used cars have always existed the moment new cars were made.  You’re taught to live within your means.  Often times, the ones who own classic cars probably owned that car, but when they bought that car in that era chances are it was a used car for them.

It goes to show you the prestige cars tend to have.  For teenagers just starting out in life, it’s a sense of freedom.  For parents, it’s a fine way to get from home to work and back again.  When you are looking to buy a car, just make sure you have all the facts that you need to make a well-informed decision.  If you have a car guy in the family or a trustworthy car guy friend, it’s a good idea to bring them along so that you’re getting an objective point of view.

Car dealers know that we might want to buy out of emotion and some sort of desirable urge.  They will use that to their advantage to sell you the car but having a valued friend or family member who knows cars will certainly help with making a really good decision.

Car Dealers

used car dealershipBuying used cars in Racine, WI. from used car dealerships can be a daunting task. The Internet has made researching a car even easier than it was five years ago. There is a lot of good information out there and most buyers are more informed when walking into a dealer to buy a new or even a used car. Research is key. Knowing what sites to look at is also very important. Consumer Reports rates cars in a very stringent and efficient manner. If you follow their recommendations chances of you buying a reliable car are very high. Reliability is more important than looks or even price. Which car you buy now determines how much you spend keeping it up in the future.

Buying New

Knowing what the dealer pays is the first step in knowing what you can expect to pay. The smart guy wins in any negotiation. There is plenty of information out there that can tell you what the dealer pays from the manufacturer for the car. They will then tack on a lot of other pricing that brings it up to the Manufactures Recommended Sticker Price. They should really call it the dealers recommended sticker price, since this the price they would hope you will pay.

I always print out the vehicles that I have found and the price that is in print. Not too much can be argued with when you have it in writing. Also be respectful. Today’s salesmen are not the typical stereotypes of the past. Although they will take your money, most of them know that they have to retain a good reputation since they most likely live in your town. Don’t be afraid to haggle and never take the first offer.

Buying from Used Car Dealerships

The same research information advice for buying new cars applies for buying used. Always check the VIN numbers of cars that you’re thinking about purchasing. It is very wise to get car facts report to see if the vehicle has had any damage in the past. Dealers allow people to trade in older vehicles for new ones. They don’t give you the “best” price since they need to mark it up for profit. This is the area where you can negotiate. Used car sales are not the bread and butter of new car dealerships, so haggle.


Know what you want before you step one foot on the property. Pick out the model and make and even the color you like before visiting the dealer. You should already know exactly what you want before you ever step into the showroom. The only real reason to visit is to test drive the vehicle and do the paperwork. A salesman has a job to do, and that job is to not let you leave if he can sell you a car. Remember, it’s your money. Also, figure out in advance how you want to finance the car. If you want to buy one with a promotion, make sure you know what your bank will finance and at what rate so that you can compare. The last part of the deal is trying to get you to buy add on services and products. Just know that is part of the game up front and be ready. Certain items are designed to play on the impulse purchase mentality.

If you do the research, then buying from the dealer is just a game. Play the game well and you will come out with a good deal. Use the Internet and all that it has to offer for research and you will be an excellent player.

Used Car

used car dealershipUsed car dealerships inRacine, WI. is a reliable, if not the only, source for anyone who wants to buy a new car. But to those who prefer buying used or previously owned cars, there are plenty of options and sources one could choose from to be able to make that vehicle purchase the perfect one.

The following are some of the readily as well as easily available resources to consider when buying a used car.

The Used Car Superstore

Imagine it as the Wal-Mart of used cars. There have been numerous used car superstores that have mushroomed for the last five years. These superstores usually have a large inventory of used cars, more or less numbering from four hundred to five hundred vehicles. The cars found in these stores more often than not are late models. The vehicles found in these stores came from auctions that cater specially to car dealers. The good thing about buying from these used car superstores is that the warranty they provide is often equivalent to the warranty coverage provided by dealers who sell new cars. However, it is still best to compare.

New Car Dealer

The logic here is that since new car buyers usually trade in their old cars when they buy a new one, the collection that new car dealerships have are almost always extensive. So used car buyers have a wider range of vehicles to choose from. Also, new car dealerships provide better reconditioning to the used cars traded to them. They are also a more reliable source of used cars because their business is more established compared to other used car dealers. Be aware though that sometimes it would take a lot of negotiation on the price of the vehicle to be purchased. They may also attempt to make you buy more cars than what you would actually need.

Used Car Dealers

There are hundreds of used car dealerships near me and in every area of the state. Sometimes, they occupy a small section that contains not more than fifteen cars in a lot. Other used car dealerships, usually the more established ones, have a total of one hundred cars in their vicinity. The great thing about buying from used car dealers is that the prices they offer are a lot less than new car dealerships. Also, it is fairly easier to negotiate with them. A little bit of not so good news, though, the quality of these cars are usually less than the new ones of course. There are also not many great selections to choose from.

Private Owners

The good thing about buying from private owners, the price that they offer are usually reasonable compared to other dealers because this is in accordance with book values. One also would get the opportunity to actually speak with the owner of the vehicle and witness for yourself how the car was cared for or not so cared for. A potential disadvantage of this scenario, however, is that it could be a bit inconvenient driving to the private owner’s place especially if one is considering looking at eight different cars. Basically, that would be eight different places, time and appointments. Beware, though; private owners who have a stable of used cars to sell may actually be a dealer. Do not be afraid to ask if you could possibly see the title and registration. Start to get suspicious if you see it has only been a few days old.

Car Auctions

The last decade has seen the development of public auctions for vehicles. Originally, auctions like these are reserved primarily for licensed car dealers. Now, even individuals have the opportunity to bid aggressively for used cars. The quality of these cars put up for auction, as well as the selections of vehicles, actually vary from one auction to another. There are those auctions which specialize dealing in late model vehicles while there are others which dedicate themselves to cheaper and less expensive vehicles. The good thing about buying used cars from auctions is that one could conveniently compare prices and cars because they are shown side by side with each other. Also, the prices that they offer are most likely lower than they do dealerships. However, there is not much chance for one to thoroughly inspect the vehicle being auctioned off. And since one is buying from an auction, it is therefore understood that all sales are final. Any car purchased is automatically yours. Plus, the bidding frenzy could take a hold of anyone and there is a great possibility that one could pay way too much than what a vehicle actually costs.

Car for Sale

Buying used cars in Racine, WI. is a huge investment. Whether it’s a BMW, Kia, Ford or Dodge you still have to shell out a tidy sum to hopefully get the car that meets your specifications.  Used cars can be purchased by going to the best car dealerships in Racine, looking at the classified ads or checking out the various websites that allow a person to search and buy a car online.

There are two reasons why used cars are cheaper.

The first is that cars once purchased and driven off a lot immediately depreciate. Annually, these cars lose about 20% in value making it easy for you to buy a second-hand car almost at half the original price.  Another reason is that it is hard to buy a car and pay the full payment up front. By acquiring the services of a financial institution such as a bank, a person can pay off the loan through monthly installments.

Unfortunately, some people have failed to honor that commitment which leaves the financial institutions no choice but to have the car repossessed.

For the bank to avoid storing too many cars that have been repossessed and make up for the lost money, these cars are auctioned off immediately which make it easy for some lucky people to buy fairly new cars and prevent being taken advantage of by local car dealer.

cheap used car for saleBefore buying a used car, it is best to think about the kind of car you are willing to pay for and the options that come with it. By doing some research and checking out various dealerships, you will be able to pick the right car and get the best deal.

You should also check the history of the car. This can be checked by going online and typing in the vehicle identification number or VIN. This can help verify the accidents the car has been in if the car was reported stolen and the previous owner of the vehicle. It can also check if the mileage was rolled back.

Most cars have a maintenance record. The buyer must ask the dealer to see it and if it is not available, then you should contact the dealership or repair shop where most of the work was done.

The car should also be test driven on the road at various conditions and checked by a trusted and reputable mechanic just to be safe that the car you will buy is road worthy.  Most important of all, you should ask about the warranty. If there are some things not covered by it, it is best to get a service contract to be safe.

Auto Leasing

car leasing basics

Over the past few years, the popularity of car leasing has soared. When you compare leasing with car buying and suffering the humongous monthly installment fees, leasing provides a better and more viable financial option.

For auto leasing, you need to know the tricks of the trade so that you will not end up paying more than when you directly buy the car.

There are car dealers and manufacturers who can give you your money’s worth if you want to go for this option.  You will get a better deal out of the car dealers if you appear knowledgeable about the auto leasing industry, so read up.

Auto Leasing Defined

You would “lease” a car by paying for the costs by which the vehicle depreciates in value.

You can calculate depreciation costs by subtracting the car’s value by the time that the lease ends, from its original value. There are cars which depreciate more than other brands. The rule of thumb is, the smaller the amount that your car depreciates, the lesser the costs to lease.

Once you decide to go for leasing over buying a vehicle, you may choose the one with the least depreciation value.

If you decide to go for this option, you need to learn about “lease term”. This is the number of months that the vehicle is leased. Typically, leases last for 24, 36 or 48 months, depending on your contract.

Leasing or buying: Which option is kinder to your pocket?

Automobile leasing requires you to have a good credit, so if your credit score is low, it is better to go for buying.

You may even be disapproved for a lease if your credit history is not good. Or, at the very least, you will be required to pay higher monthly dues.  Leasing companies would need to profit from you.

They will invest capital on buying the car, then lease that car out. Just like with any loan, their money should earn interest so you better consider this as well when considering the advantages of buying.

Make sure that you get the best deal out of car leasing by comparing the monthly costs with the interest rates of your local car dealer.  By making a note and comparing both prices, you would more or less have an idea of which option to go for.

Car Leasing Tips

When deciding on the model or make of the car that you will lease, choose the Japanese and European cars. These are basically the brands which have lower depreciation rates, as compared to the American vehicles.

You will find out that most luxury cars have the lowest depreciation values. Research, visit a local car dealer in your area or ask friends who are currently leasing cars. They should have some great tips to share with you on how to get the best deal out of leasing cars.

Leasing a car may put a big dent in your budget when it comes to car maintenance. You need to make sure that you are a “car-friendly” user when you opt to go for auto leasing.

Definitely, go for leasing if you are the type who wants to own the latest cars in the market. In the long run, leasing will be a better option for you as compared to buying the latest car model then trading in or selling the old one that you have.

As much as possible, choose a shorter lease period. This is so that you can optimize the warranty of the vehicle.
Finally, avoid the long-term leases, because the car’s value will decrease by the time the lease ends, and this is mostly when engine problems begin.